Introducing Steve Staresina

Steve StaresomaSteve Staresina uses a modification of the ancient technique and natural medium called fresco, creating luminous and vibrant paintings with layers of marble and limestone plaster.

He is one of just a few artists in the world using fresco in the expressionist / modernist style. Staresina is an artist who has nurtured his love for the painting of "The New York School 10" Expressionists, Action and Color Field Painters. The spontaneity, courage and beauty of their work had influence worldwide, from New York to Paris to Black Mountain College, near Asheville, North Carolina, and serves as Steve’s inspiration today.

Utilizing color fields, line and spontaneous, expressionistic strokes of emotion, the artist portrays life, courage and beauty, in an experience where the artist, the art and the viewer visually interact. As a fresco artist and artisan, Steve’s love of natural materials combines with his passion for modern and expressionist art, creating his richly distinct style.In Staresina’s works there exists a paradox between an ancient art medium, and his new palette, invoking a modernist edge and emotion.




The goal in Staresina paintings is in manifesting a message of beauty and excellence, through fresco, a medium of the ancients, to create the exquisite and emotion filled works of "our day".


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Staresina Design Works
Staresina Design Works

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