About my art...

While creating a modern fresco requires a rare medium, the luminosity, depth, and timelessness of the all -natural marble and limestone plaster is exquisite. Traditionally, the artist Michaelangelo used the “buon” (pigment on wet plaster) fresco technique. Steve has combined what he terms “enfresco” (pigment in wet plaster) and traditional “buon” fresco to create the striking, energetic and emotion filled works of “our day.”

detail of a fresco painting

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What is Fresco?

“I believe fresco is the most universal, simplest, the most direct, the most natural expression of the artist. Yet of all forms of painting, it demands the most of the artist. Throughout the day the capacity of the plaster to assimilate color varies-it is a living, changing thing. Part of the wonder of this enduring form of art is that at its completion the beauty of the work has just begun to radiate. Over the years, while the fresco feeds the hearts and souls of those fortunate enough to abide under its splendor, the chemical process of carbonization continues within,...continually increasing the visual unity and luminosity of the work.”

Sr. Lucia Wiley



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Paintings by Staresina are owned by both corporate and private collectors. His artwork has been shown in galleries and has been used to benefit numerous charitable organizations. Some of his collectors and exhibits include the following:

  • Hilton/ Doubletree Hotel Corp.
  • Renaissance/ Marriott Hotels
  • Carolina Hurricanes( NHL)
  • The Progress Energy Center For The Performing Arts / Meymandi Hall Solo Exhibit
  • ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • Just Blo’( Intl. Award winning salons)
  • Red Hat Corp.
  • The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • NC Governor’s Mansion
  • The Jimmy V Celebrity Classic
  • Stock Corp.
  • Kennedy / Covington Law